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When troubleshooting mail issues, it is sometimes necessary to view the MAPI properties of an item. If an item is saved as a .msg file, and then forwarded through Exchange, then the properties will often be changed as the message goes through transport, which can hamper investigations.

MFCMapi allows you to export any MAPI item to an Xml file (where the Xml file contains the list of MAPI properties that make up the item). The process to do this is as follows:

  1. Download MFCMapi and extract to a suitable folder.
  2. Configure and open the mailbox in which the item resides. Assuming MFCMapi is being run on a machine that already has Outlook installed and configured for the mailbox being accessed, then you can open that mailbox by using Session -> Logon… from the MFCMapi menu (and then selecting the Outlook profile you wish to use).
  3. Browse to and open the folder (by double-clicking the folder from the folder tree) in which the item to be exported can be found. Note that the primary mail folders will be found under the Top of Information Store folder:
    MFCMapi - select message
  4. Select the message to be exported, then select Property -> Export Item properties…
  5. Choose the path and filename for the export, then click Ok to save.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for any other messages you want a property dump for.

If you have a message Id (e.g. EntryId), but don’t know where the message is located in the mailbox, then you can open it directly by Id by using Tools -> Entry ID -> Open given Entry ID… (after which the properties can be exported as per step 4 and 5 above).


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