GetFolder sometimes returns an incorrect TotalCount when issued against a Public Folder mailbox hosted in Office 365 No ratings yet.


When issuing an Exchange Web Services GetFolder request to a public folder mailbox hosted in Office 365 Exchange Online, the TotalCount returned in the response may incorrectly show a value of 0. 

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Office 365 Exchange Online engineering have confirmed this as a known architecture limitation that we are not planning on addressing at this point in time. The problem occurs because the public folder hierarchy and content are stored in separate mailboxes.
To work around this limitation, we recommend you include the PR_CONTENT_COUNT in the requested set of properties, as an ExtendedFieldURI. The property tag to include is PropertyTag=”0x3602″ and the property type is PropertyType=”Integer”.
If you’re using the EWS Managed API or EWS Java API, please use the ExtendedPropertyDefinition class.
For more information on properties and extended properties in Exchange Web Services, please read the Properties and extended properties in EWS in Exchange article. 


This content will soon be published as a KB article. We will update this post with the KB number as soon as available.

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