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We have been getting a few requests for changing the name of the root folder in Outlook 2010 following an SMTP address change, to reflect the new SMTP address of the users.

For that I have written an Outlook add-in that performs an Active Directory lookup of the old SMTP address (current root folder name), retrieves the new SMTP address and updates the name of the root folder.

In order for this to work, the old SMTP address of the user needs to exist as a secondary SMTP address on the user object in Active Directory.

The actual code to change the name of the root folder is quite simple. It’s retrieving the new SMTP address and processing the right store that’s a bit more complicated:


 1: Set olApp=CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

 2: set olNs=olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")


 4: For Each store In olNs.Stores

 5:     If (store.ExchangeStoreType = 0) Then

 6:   Set rootFolder=store.GetRootFolder

 7:   rootfolder.Name="NewFolderName"

 8:     End If




You can find the add-in project in attachment.



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