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We sometimes get cases where EWS is being used from a language we don’t support (e.g. Java).  In such cases, we can support the actual SOAP conversation (i.e. the raw requests/responses between the client and EWS).  To do this, we need to have the actual SOAP requests, and more importantly an application that can send these directly to Exchange.

When I had my first such case, I spent a little time looking for a SOAP test suite.  I did find a few, but they didn’t work very well or required rather more of a learning curve than I was prepared to climb.  All I need is a program in which I can enter my SOAP requests and see the response (or error).  So, I wrote such a program, which turned out not to take too long.  I modified this recently to support other useful functions (though I have only implemented ConvertID, as this is what I needed).  I may add more tools to it as needed.

So, I thought I’d make it available here for general use.  It is very simple, and perfect for testing Exchange Web Services.  I think it is pretty much error-trapped now, though this may not be the case and as always there are no warranties!

The full solution (source and binaries) is now available on Github:  Screenshot of what to expect is below.


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